4 Options Trading Strategies Investors Should Know

What is your most successful option-trading strategy? What are your favorite 'defined risk' options strategies? Let's take a look at some popular option strategies that many investors use to limit their risk and when you would use them. 

Top 5 Options Calculators Reviewed

New to options investing or looking to level up your approach to options trades? Maybe you have been trading single leg calls and puts and want to understand how multi-leg option strategies work. We’ve rounded up the top options calculator tools available online and compared them.

4 Essential Areas Where Retail Investors Go Wrong

When new retail investors enter the market, they inevitably start with a higher risk of losing money. Entering the investment world intelligently requires more than some cash in your bank account, but an understanding of markets and risk factors applicable to your financial needs.

How To Get Approved For Options Trading

Right now, thousands of retail investors can get approved for options trading. Olive is pioneering better ways to leverage options with safety, certainty, and accessibility.

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