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The Advantages of Trading Options

Capitalize on unique market conditions with more control than just trading stocks.

With Olive options strategies:


Generate income or hedge your portfolio


Know your risk going into a trade


All strategies are net credit at inception and do not utilize margin


Never risk more at maturity than buying the underlying stock outright

A Powerful Options Trading Experience at Your Fingertips

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Optimized Option Strategies

Build a portfolio from OlivePicks: top strategies filtered by machine learning algorithm.

Olive outcomes combine call and put options into defined risk strategies.
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Trade options on a wide range of stocks and ETFs

Use advanced filters to discover optimized option strategies by ticker, duration, capital requirement, and more.

Olive supports all listed options on individual stocks and ETFs.
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Use Secure Platform with Interface Flexibility

Execute trades and monitor your portfolio on desktop or mobile to stay on top of market conditions.
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Transparent Subscription

Olive receives no compensation for order flow or commissions. Members only pay a flat subscription fee for full access to our premium features.
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Intelligent Exit

Get alerted when OliveEnhance auto-exits a trade to optimize returns. Feature supported in both linked brokerage accounts and virtual trading portfolio.
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Real-Time Data

See Maturity value, current value, cushion, and ceiling of option trades over time.
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Practice with Options Trading Simulator

Build a portfolio of Olive outcomes with a $100,000 funded virtual trading account
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One-Click Trade Execution

Execute multi-leg option strategies (e.g. call spreads with short puts, ratio spreads, bull put spreads) with ease by linking a TD Ameritrade account with required options approval.
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Discover Tax-Advantaged Options Trading

Link a TD Ameritrade self-directed individual retirement brokerage account with required options approval or mirror Olive sandbox portfolio trades in your existing IRA account for tax-advantaged gains.

  • Traditional IRA
  • Roth IRA
  • Beneficiary Traditional IRA
  • Beneficiary Roth IRA
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