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Olive uses listed options to empower you with investment outcomes previously unavailable to everyday investors. Join now to discover, secure, and monitor the best outcomes for you.

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Take back control of your investments with Olive. Our intelligent options investing platform helps you fully customize outcomes to match your specific investing style and goals with ease and simplicity.

Downside cushion or gain acceleration is the benefit you get. Ceiling is the cost you pay.

Olive a stock with a cushion = lose nothing if stock stays above cushion price

Downside Cushion

Let’s say you use Olive to invest $10,000 in ABC Corp with a 35% downside cushion. ABC loses 25% of its value over the outcome period, but you would have lost nothing because the downside cushion protects you from losses, unless ABC falls by more than 35%.

Upside Ceiling

In exchange for the downside cushion, your return is limited by the upside ceiling. If your ceiling is 25% then even if ABC rises by 40%, your return will be capped at 25%. The trade-off is to forego unlimited upside in exchange for downside protection. Hence, this type of outcome is not too good to be true.


You can have more control and sleep better with Olive. Choose a small downside cushion with higher or accelerated upside or a large downside cushion with lower upside. Olive offers the tools you need to explore what the market is willing to offer real-time and through a delightful user interface.



The stocks you are eyeing have been on a tear and you fear missing out if the price keeps going up, but also afraid of getting in at the wrong time. Choose a variable outcome with cushion from Olive and FOMO no more.



Your favorite stocks are slowly growing or moving sideways. Grab a variable outcome with gain multiplier from Olive and accelerate your gains without the wait.



Bond and dividend yields are barely outpacing inflation.  Learn how to buy and sell options with defined risk.

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