Improve performance by reducing volatility with option strategies that the pros have historically kept to themselves.

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It Feels Good to Have Options
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Forget complex math and Wall Street jargon.  Find and monitor defined outcomes you want using our intuitive interface. Before committing real money, paper trade and monitor your performance for free


150K+ LIVE Optimized Option Strategies

Our powerful machine learning algorithm crunches the numbers so you don’t have to. Discover new ways to invest in equity that you may not have realized existed.

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Execute Complex trades with Ease

Save time and minimize human error. Say goodbye to manually submitting multi-leg options orders.** With Olive, it just takes one click to seamlessly execute trades.

Intuitive Advanced Filtering

Finding the investment strategy that matches your outlook and risk profile should be easy. With Olive, it finally is.

Advanced filters by expiration, investment amount, cushion, ceiling
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Time to Embrace

Be part of the movement to invest smarter using a powerful financial instrument that has eluded retail investors until now.  With more control over investment outcomes, it feels good to have options

"Defining my risk without me having to do the math"

A. Reed

"Ease of use and comprehension and the tremendous opportunities!! Mind blowing"


"Creative and profitable option strategies."


"The best thing about Olive is its simplicity and clarity."


"This product is unique.  I have researched tons of other software.  Nothing comes close to the simplicity of this."

Vineeth Tantry

"Saves me time finding the right option strategy."

Huub Mennen

"Olive is great for identifying strategies that may not have been on my radar and calculating estimated risk."

Steven Sussman

"Olive does a great job of bringing ideas to the surface."


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