Options to Win

With OlivePicks, it's easier than ever to build a winning portfolio of options. See how our portfolios outperformed SPY and QQQ even during the drawdown.

The Problem: Volatility scares investors. Even with conviction and a strong investment thesis, it is tough to to watch your investments drop in the near term.

What are your options? Retail investors are presented with two choices:

  1. Long-term index fund investing and dollar cost averaging. Low risk, but you must think in terms of decades for return.
  2. Options and leveraged bets help achieve short-term profit, but single leg option trades are a high risk, losing game.

Olive offers the solution. Our powerful machine learning algorithm builds the strategies needed to manage risk with options that are so often intimidating and underutilized.

OlivePicks portfolio performance vs SPY vs QQQ
OlivePicks portfolio performance vs SPY vs QQQ

Introducing OlivePicks

Olive creates millions of these unique strategies each day. Now, with OlivePicks, it is easier than ever to decide which to invest in.

How it works: Each outcome strategy is grouped according to minimum ceiling and then scored based on the likelihood of winning. For example, OlivePicks can present you a portfolio of 10 outcomes with the least risk and at least a 20% annualized ceiling.

What makes it different? Unlike a static computation for probability of winning that has low predictive power, our algorithm dynamically analyzes outcome parameters, market data, and fundamental statistics to identify combinations of values that are most correlated with a positive return. In short, picking strategies that increase your chances of winning.

Monthly performance of OlivePicks vs SPY vs QQQ
Monthly Performance of OlivePicks Portfolio vs SPY vs QQQ

By the numbers: Backtesting shows that Olive’s algorithm can protect against downside volatility.  Given the ongoing market drawdowns, OlivePicks strategies have outperformed SPY and QQQ in every daily cohort.

The Bottom Line: Even as the market entered a period of drawdown, our model continued to outperform. With OlivePro membership, you will have access to this premium feature of daily curated OlivePicks portfolios. Sign up today and start winning.

Example OlivePicks Portfolio

OlivePicks Portfolio Features:

  • 20 outcomes with the highest Olive score, grouped by minimum annualized ceiling (lowest being 20%)
  • All portfolio outcomes expire in less than 18 months
  • Individual outcomes require less than $10,000 capital
  • Average of $30k total investment and maximum $50k for a fully diversified portfolio

*Maturity value is the intrinsic, not mark-to-market, value of the options underlying each strategy.

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