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Asana $ASAN recently released its Anatomy of Global Work Index which breaks down how people spend their time at work.

Work management platforms help organizational teams pull all the pieces together to get things done. Asana (ASAN) recently released its Anatomy of Work Global Index which breaks down how people spend their time at work.

Why it matters: With the pandemic driving more of the workforce into remote and hybrid work arrangements, employees benefit from greater flexibility. But, according to the report, 58% of their day is still being lost to coordinating projects rather than the skilled, strategic jobs they were hired for.

By the numbers: Lack of clarity and increasing digital distractions continue to present challenges for workers around the world.

  • Employees are missing fewer deadlines, 15% versus 26% last year, but they are struggling to balance priorities and establish clear boundaries.
  • The average worker wastes 6 working weeks each year on a combination of duplicated work and unnecessary meetings.
  • 37% of employees indicated that they do not have a clear start or finish time to their working day — rising to 53% for Gen Z employees.

The bottom line: As the need to implement consistent guidelines and processes to better manage both remote and in-person collaboration continues to grow, investing in workplace management SaaS may be a good bet.  

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