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How Fintech Engineered Automatic Transmissions For Investors

Most Millennials and Gen Z babies won’t remember the trial and error that was learning how to “drive stick.” Shift forward, backward, throw her into second, and something about riding the clutch. Good fortune and advancements in technology have made these fossil phrases unlikely to grace the vocabularies of student drivers today.

4 Essential Areas Where Retail Investors Go Wrong

When new retail investors enter the market, they inevitably start with a higher risk of losing money. Entering the investment world intelligently requires more than some cash in your bank account, but an understanding of markets and risk factors applicable to your financial needs.

Why Fantasy Football Managers Make Excellent Options Traders

When the fall rolls around and the days cool off, the spirit of competition heats up. Every autumn, millions of people sign up and participate in fantasy football. According to ESPN, about 40 million people in the United States play fantasy football. Entering one of these highly competitive leagues entails a time-sensitive draft, money pools, and careful analysis of what’s going on in the NFL every week.

How To Get Approved For Options Trading

Right now, thousands of retail investors can get approved for options trading. Olive is pioneering better ways to leverage options with safety, certainty, and accessibility.

How Fintech Is Challenging Wall Street

In 2013, Robinhood opened up a whole new market of investors. While we can certainly tip our hats to brokers like Charles Schwab for setting the low-commission trading trend, Robinhood took it further with an easy-to-use interface and a commission-free trading platform. ‍

Finally Landing On Even Ground

Just like investing, there was a time when only the wealthy could afford to travel by plane. Prior to the days of massive commercial airlines, in an era before planes could even fly above the clouds, air travel was reserved for the elite 1% of society who could afford it.

The 60/40 Portfolio is Dead

“A 60% allocation of stocks and 40% allocation of bonds in a portfolio protects from market volatility and maximizes growth”.

Taming the Complexity: Why Options Investing Has Always Eluded the Average Investor

Options have the reputation of being high-risk investments that only experts can understand...

Get Ready: Inflation Is Coming

Inflation has been rising since the economy started to open up post-pandemic...

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